Friday, September 28


There are moments in life when time stops. Sometimes it's tragedy, at other times it is inspiration or awe. In a child, there are so many moments of wonder, amazement. Nothing matters but that instant in time, and the particular treasure they have discovered. It's usually something insignificant...something so mundane that adults never notice. But kids don't miss it.

It was like a wrestling match trying to get our 8 year old son, Nate, to remember to read his Bible each morning. "Gotta start the day right", "Let God talk to you" we told him. But we missed something. To a child, wonder and amazement at an awesome God does not start with words. It starts with something tangible...inspiring. A few days ago, Nate decided he would get up at 6:30 and go on the back porch to watch the sun rise. He ran in a few minutes later, talking a hundred miles an hour about the stars, Venus, and that he had to get his book on constellations. I followed him outside and was amazed at the number of stars we could still see just before sunrise. I pointed out Orion, Jupiter, and we couldn't believe how bright Venus was.

I went back inside to finish my own "quiet time", you know, reading, prayer, etc. Nate ran back in a few minutes later...."Dad, Dad, there are bats flying around, you gotta see this!". "In a minute" I told him. He's just a kid, and kids just can't seem to understand how important listening to God is, and I knew I'd join him in a few minutes.

Moments later, he ran back in again... "Dad, you GOTTA see this sun rise! The sun is just starting to shine through the trees!". "I'll be right there" I told him. Apparently, another fib, because I was REALLY getting into something good in Habbakthaniah or somewhere.

About 5 minutes later he came in again... "Dad, you MISSED it... why didn't you come outside?" His words dropped off in disappointment. I stood there, running the tape of the morning over in my mind. Why did I keep putting him off? Why was a concept of God that I was reading more important than an actual interaction with Him? With His creation? With one of His children?

The last few days, Nate has been up each morning at 6:30 sharp. No one has to remind him to read his Bible. He comes bounding down the stairs, races to the porch, and drags the plastic chair out into the grass so he can get as close as he can to the to the magic of the morning. In between events, he reads a little, talks to God in amazement, and jumps out of his chair when the next lizard, bat, bird, or star makes its appearance. I admire him... God used my own son to teach me how to "be still, and know that I am God" to be amazed not just by what He says, but by what He's to REALLY listen to him. Thank you Nate!

~ Steve

Wednesday, September 26


A few quotes given to us by friends which have been very encouraging when the daily battle becomes a grinding, protracted, and tiring war:

"It does require the supernatural grace of God to live the twenty-four hours in every day as a saint, to go through drudgery as a disciple, to live an ordinary, unobserved, ignored existence as a disciple of Jesus.
It is inbred in us that we have to do exceptional things for God; but we have not. We have to be exceptional in the ordinary things." ~ Oswald Chambers

"We should apply ourselves unceasingly to this one end, to so rule all our actions that they be little acts of communion with God; but they must not be studied, they must come naturally, from the purity and simplicity of the heart." ~ Brother Lawrence

Wednesday, September 19

Travel abroad...

We just returned from a whirlwind visit of family. We truly enjoy the friendships we have with our extended family (not something to take for granted, we are very blessed!).

On the way, we stopped by the historic town of Savannah, Georgia. And you can't stop by this town without checking out Paula Deen's restaurant, and we also found the Pirate House Restaurant (legendary hang-out of pirate Captain Flint - from Treasure Island).

Next, we stopped by Shelby, NC to visit Steve's cousin and family. They own several coffee shops (Broad River Coffee - with excellent coffee, by the way).

Next stop: Columbus, OH to visit Steve's brother and family. Lot's of fun with 6 kids in the house for the week. :0) Actually, we all thought it was easier with more kids, since they hung out and played a lot together! Also visited the Creation Museum in PA, which shows the history of the world through a Biblical perspective.

Finally, Charles City, VA (near Williamsburg) to celebrate with Jessica's brother and his wife as they were ordained as a pastors. How exciting - we're very proud of them both! We stopped by colonial Williamsburg and the highlight of the visit was the....

...amazing history? Nope.

...old buildings dating back to early 1700s? Nope. was the horses. Friendly horses, actually.

We also stopped by their home and enjoyed the amazing view of the river from a friend's dock. Amazing!

We will miss everyone, and we are so thankful for this very special time in our lives in which we could share these wonderful relationships! We love you all! :0)