Friday, December 26


I don't do well with this good-bye thing. We have looked forward so much to our family visiting, and it seemed like each day they were here, time kept picking up speed like a rock rolling down a hill. I kept wanting to just stop everything from moving, freeze the moment, and not let it pass. 
The amazing thing is that nine people could share a house and a car and a tiny kitchen together for 10 days and get along. Actually, we more than got along. We laughed, hung out, ate, cooked, danced,  napped, ate some more, played with the new Christmas toys, went sightseeing, kept track of everyone's water-drinking, ate some more, watched YouTube, and just loved being together. 
That is probably the thing I appreciate most about my family. We're far from perfect and are just as dysfunctional as any family, but I love that we can really hang out with no pressure to do anything, no hurt feelings if some people want to go out and some want to stay home. Steve and I kept saying, "They are so easy!"
I loved getting to know Melissa better, too. She fits right into our family and is a blast to have around. She and Justin are a great fit together, and she adds so much to our family.
At some point, I'll write about all we did, but right now, my heart is too full. I have cried a lot this morning, especially when we came back from the airport and walked back into a very still, much t00 quiet house. 
Mom and Dad, Justin and Mel, thank you for coming and for making this Christmas so special for us, for being right at home with us, for never complaining about the challenges of being here. We love you and miss you.