Monday, February 16

Snow Days

What a week in Colorado!
It was a combination of an incredible conference (led by Stasi Eldredge, author of Captivating), breathtaking scenery, and just great fun with my friend Nancy!
Here are the highlights:
1. Getting to know Nancy's family, especially her sweet parents. They adopted me as their granddaughter, and happily enabled my Starbucks addiction! Yes!
2. Speaking of Starbucks, we went 10 times, and that was restraining ourselves. Our first morning, our jog ended at the SuperTarget Starbucks parking lot. What does that say about me?
3. Getting to meet many women at the Captivating Retreat, from all over the country. They were always shocked to hear that we were from Guatemala, and we usually ended up spending the mealtimes answering questions about where we live, what we do, etc. By the last meal, Nancy and I were ready to just say we were from Florida! Seriously, it was cool to see how interested many people were in our lives and our mission here.
4., wow, WOW!  A combination of high speed, deep snow, COLD wind, the most beautiful mountains and forests I've ever seen, and no bathrooms. Enough said.
5. Shopping at Target for the first time in 7 months. I seriously felt like I was having heart palpitations. Of course, it could have been the Starbucks espresso truffle drink in my hand.
6. Did I mention the beautiful mountains all around us? I don't think I could ever tire of staring at them.
7. The chance to just get away, not have to do the daily chores, and really sit and listen to God. I don't make enough time for that in my life.
8. Worshipping with a group of women. We don't get that often here, and it was beautiful to see and experience.
9. Speaking only English for a whole week!
10. And then, coming home to lots of hugs and love and appreciation....and a beautifully clean house! The best ending to an amazing trip.

Monday, February 2

Council Meeting

We've had an amazing year watching the church shift from a "rebuilding" mode to hitting its stride.

In November and December,  we had our first membership meetings, and explained the purpose for signing a church covenant.  Over 50 people to date have chosen to sign the covenant and become church members. 

This year started with our first Leadership Council (similar in concept to an Elder Board in many churches).  Two weeks ago, six men were challenged with the responsibility of providing counsel and advice to our pastor and senior church staff.  Yesterday, five accepted the challenge, and the sixth is continuing to pray and consider if this something he should do.

As Pastor Mike asked each man about their decision, I was awestruck to hear each one share how God had been drawing them out of the crowd, and each (in their own way) soberly accepted God's tap on their shoulder to grow closer to Him.  

Pastor Mike summed up some of the other details of the last year (including the move into our new building) and included some great pictures in his latest post...

Thank you for your prayers... there is a lot of work in the year ahead.  Please pray that we will be able to train new believers and continue to build relationships with each person so they can grow stronger in their faith!