Sunday, September 20

In the Park

The scene:
Parque Central, in the middle (hence the word, "central") of Antigua, a place to sit on benches, drink coffee, and enjoy the day

The characters:
Steve and Shelby, age 8
Uhhh...that would be Shelby's age. Steve's is undisclosed.

The action:
Steve and Shelby are enjoying some time together before walking our mission team to church. A little boy approaches them and asks if they'd like their shoes shined. This is a very common occurrence in Central Park.

The dialogue:
Steve: "No, gracias."
Young boy: "Por favor."
Steve: "No, gracias."
Young boy: "Por que no??"
Shelby: "Daddy, if this little boy shines our shoes, and we pay him, will he be able to eat today??"

Massive amounts of guilt being heaped upon Steve's head.

End of scene: Both Shelby and Steve leave the park with freshly shined shoes.

And a very happy little boy has 10Q in his pocket.