Friday, December 7

OK, guys...enough!

I'm not sure why both of our dads, who have been blessed with quite good health for years, decided to have heart surgery within weeks of each other. I mean, come on now, they could've planned a LITTLE better than this. And I'm pretty sure it's a testosterone-fueled competition, too, because my dad had his operation, and then Steve's dad attempted to one-up him with a quintuple bypass. I didn't know there were so many bypasses available, but Dad O. decided to max them out!
I am here to let the fellas know that this is it! They have used up their quota for health issues for the next decade or three, and they'd better keep those new tickers tickin'. I mean, we've all had such a blast hanging out at frigid hospitals, seeing the incredibly interesting incisions, and discussing catheters with all manner of excitement. Yes, and let's not forget to mention the joy of chest tube drainage, hospital gown fashion, and oh-my-goodness-I-can't-believe-my-dad-said-that-but-he's-on-drugs-and-now-I-so-need-therapy! I'd like to hereby declare 2008 a surgery-free year. Oh yeah, and that includes the moms, too!
P.S. We love you both!

Thursday, December 6

What?! I Need a Coat??

Saturday and Sunday found our entire little family in Syracuse, NY. I think my 9 year-old said it best when, as we pulled out of the airport, mouths agape at the snow all around us, he asked, "Why didn't we come in the summer?"

Actually, he was very much kidding, because he and his sister had prayed fervently for snow, and apparently, I need to hand all my prayer requests over to them, because Syracuse had had no snow until the day before we pulled into town.

We Floridians are used to wearing shorts at Christmas, so my sweet friend Jen did laugh at me when I began to walk out the door for church without a coat. And Shelby was so excited to finally be WEARING her new coat, that she modeled it for everyone, pointing out the lovely faux sheepskin features to all who would hear. But the saving grace from the cold was the new Starbucks in town. And it had a drive-through. Gimme a Hallelujah! I'm pretty sure I broke the record for most mochas consumed in a 48 hour period.
Anyway, we were so blessed by the church there. They loved on us, encouraged us, and really caught the vision for what God is doing in Guatemala. We pray that one day we will welcome their mission team to our church there.

In the meantime, I might want to consider therapy for the children, because this photo is a little disturbing.