Monday, May 7

On the Road...

Our family loaded up and went to Ft. Walton Beach, FL last weekend. What a time! This was where we had been stationed by the Air Force when we were first married, and the church there had been a family to us. So, it was like a reunion, and we felt so at home. I (Jessica) would rather have walked across glass on the hot motel parking lot barefoot than get up front and speak, but the Spirit wouldn't let me go, and guess what?? He gave me the power to do it! At first, I was so nervous to be standing at a pulpit, speaking to a crowd, but He totally filled my mouth and heart, and soon I was crackin' jokes and feeling right at home! Steve preached, too, and God gave him boldness and power, and many folks were touched. The church voted to take us on for support, and we are very thankful!
We also got to catch up with old friends and have a little down time on the beach. On the way home, we visited the Air Force Armament Museum, where these pictures were taken. But, it DID feel so great to pull into our home...and I would be thrilled not to see another french fry for about 3 months!!