Friday, April 20

Living Proof Live!!

This is how close we were, and Beth Moore is in the center raising her hands

Wow!! God is amazing!! I (Jess) got to take my mom on a birthday trip to Columbia, SC to see Living Proof Live with Beth Moore. We hit the road early on Friday the 13th.Everything went well until we hit a huge traffic jam in SC, and boy, were we praying! We figured we would barely make it on time, and we even had to run into a McD's restroom and share a stall just to change our about getting to know each other! We got to the arena, where 17,000 women (OK, maybe 10 men were there) were ready to worship, and we were shocked to see that our seats, reserved for us by my dad, were on the 4th row!!!!!

The Holy Spirit was all over that place, and the main thing I walked away with was, "So, THAT'S what the abundant life is supposed to look like! It's real...God works, and He is huge!!" It also was just a sweet time for my mom and me...we laughed and cried like crazy! On the way home, we had a lovely time in Savannah, GA just being tourists, shopping and eating at Paula Deen's restaurant. Thank you, Lord, for being too good to me!

I will post my notes later on what we learned at the conference...awesome stuff!

On a light note, here is something I wrote when I got home:

Lessons I Learned From the Road:

1. If your trip takes you to SC, please add 3 hours to your trip time. Apparently it is a law on SC highways that you must, must come to an absolute stop for any vehicle that pulls off the road. Then, you must absolutely stare at the people for a good 4 minutes before proceeding, thereby stopping all traffic on the interstate for miles. If you do not do this, I think your license can be revoked. Seriously.

2. If you pass a Starbucks, you must stop and purchase a Venti of anything, whether you want coffee or not, because you will never see one again.

3. If you want to lose a little weight on your trip, use the McDonald's bathroom BEFORE you order, because then you will certainly have no desire to eat anything there, ever.

4. A clean motel room is worth any price.

5. It is possible to eat an entire dinner out of a vending machine.

6. Bathroom stops are frivolous...wear Depends.

7. Plan to spend an entire week's worth of grocery money on bottled water.

8. Bring your own t.p.

9. Don't ask how things are going back home.

10. And the most important...make sure you bring a great travelling companion! Thanks, were the best!!

Wednesday, April 18

An Easter to Remember

Every year I think, "This was the best Easter ever!", but this year, it really was! Nate and Shelby were given the opportunity to be in a small Easter drama, and our neighbor (who'd never been to our church before) came to church with us.

As I watched my precious kiddos crowd around "Jesus" and follow him with such delight, I could not help but let the tears flow! And when He picked up sweet Shelby and put her on his lap, I really lost it! I just thought how He loves and carries my children every day. How awesome it will be to see Him and sit on His lap someday! He is alive!!